Marathon Club logo- cartoon dolphin in running shoes and shorts overlaid on a picture of the staring line from Kids Run the OC 2019


Del Lago is excited to bring back the Marathon Club for 2024! The club is focused on helping kids to appreciate physical activity and healthy nutritional choices. Our students will be meeting once a week as part of a specially tailored training program offered through the OC Marathon Foundation.


The activities are designed to have the kids get 25 miles of steps in over the course of 10 weeks. Kids can also have the option to participate in running a "Final Mile" (1-mile run) at the OC Marathon at the OC Fairgrounds to round out a full 26 miles of activity. Kids are not required to run the "Final Mile" in the OC Marathon.


The Marathon Club is open to everyone,
and will begin in February, 2024!



Del Lago's Marathon Club needs your help!


We're looking for a couple of parents who'd like to organize this year’s Marathon Club. Last year we brought back the program, running before school, and the kids loved it! This year, we'd like to run the club during the afternoon.


The weekly Marathon Club time commitment would be about 20 minutes of prep, in addition to the 45 minutes spent with the kids during training.


Marathon Club is based on a program curated by Kids Run the OC, an award-winning program designed to help children become more physically fit, promote an active and healthy lifestyle, and combat the onset of childhood obesity… while having fun! This is accomplished through various fitness games, which help improve speed, agility, hand/eye coordination, flexibility, and your child's overall fitness.


Students will be led through the training program by their OC Marathon certified coach (perhaps you, *wink*). New and returning schools can join the program this winter as they begin to train coaches and get ready for the Spring Program. The Spring "Marathon" Program will begin in February, 2024 and by the end of the program each student will have accumulated the equivalent of 25.2 miles of fun activity, and will be ready to finish their own Marathon by completing their final mile at the Kids Run The OC which will take place on May 4, 2024. The event is held in conjunction with The OC Marathon finish line events at the OC Fair and Event Center.


If you're interested in helping with Marathon Club for the 2023-2024 school year, please contact Alyssa Coon at