What is Advocacy?

Advocate: To please in favor; defend; support or urge by argument;
recommend publicly. One who pleads for or on behalf of another.

Advocacy is an important role in the PTA, as it allows parents and teachers to participate
actively in which public policy decisions are made.


Why is Advocacy important?

It's important to know what policies and laws will affect our children.
It is also important to know how education is being impacted at National, State, and Local
levels, and how changes will affect our school and children.


You can use the information on this page to become more aware of upcoming legislatives
that will be on the ballot, allowing you the information needed
to make sound judgements in your own voting.






Another resource from the Orange County Department of Education: THE 101
providing accurate information on a list of topics,
including sexual health education, ethnic studies, immunizations, and more. 




Please reach out to Sharon Dawson at advocacydlpta@gmail.com.


UPDATE: The Del Lago PTA is considering sending Sharon Dawson, our Advocacy Chair, to the Sacramento Safari happening in February. We still need to vote on the budget. If you want to read more about it, please visit: https://www.fourthdistrictpta.org/sacramento-safari/



One way to advocate: Take Action


What is Take Action?

On the California State PTA website is a "Take Action" page of current items that the State PTA
is urging Californians to write to their representatives regarding issues the PTA supports.


Del Lago's PTA leadership encourages each member of the PTA to take action and send an email or letter.


Visit the "Take Action" page.

Current Take Action Items

1. Urge Representatives to Vote Against Proposed Cuts to Essential Education Programs For Students
(Say No to FY2024 Labor-HHS-Education Bill)


2. Urge Congress to Support Legislation Addressing Childhood Trauma


3. Urge Congress to End Gun Violence and Protect our Children 


4. Urge Your Representative to Co-sponsor the Bill of Rights for Students and Parent Resolution