At Del Lago and throughout the district, we'll be focusing on raising awareness and promoting inclusivity for our students with disabilities.


We look forward to engaging in meaningful conversations! We've outlined some daily topics for Inclusion Week that
can be a great starting point for discussions with your children. These topics are outlined in the below graphic (también en español).






Tips to Make Conversations About Inclusivity Even More Engaging 

  1. Embrace Curiosity: Let your kids ask questions and address them with honesty.
  2. Honesty Rules: Be direct and candid in your explanations.
  3. Stay Positive: Keep a positive tone in your discussions. Highlight the commonalities and shared interests we all have, while also celebrating the uniqueness and abilities of each individual.
  4. Learn Together: Consider learning about disabilities together as a family. This can be an educational experience for everyone, promoting empathy and acceptance.
  5. People-First Language: Remember to use "people-first" language. Instead of saying "disabled," say "a person with a disability." This places the focus on the individual first and reinforces the idea that disability does not define a person. 


Below, please find links with answers tailored for both lower and upper grade levels,

so you'll have a helping hand during those discussions both during Inclusion Week, and in the future. 


Explanations for Lower Grades


Explanations for Upper Grades


 Let's make Inclusion Week an important experience for our kids to learn about how everyone being included makes our school and community stronger.

We're at our best when we swim together... Go, Dolphins!