Surf's Up! Del Lago Elementary Spring 2023 Fundraiser


The spring fundraiser is here! We are hosting a Surf's Up Read-a-Thon from April 17th to 28th. The students will earn money for our school by READING BOOKS! Our main goal is to raise $20,000 and to encourage our students to read. We're so close!!!


Sign up now at


Students will have 2 weeks to read and log as many minutes as possible. Participants get pledges from family, friends, neighbors or businesses to support their efforts. Donors can either pledge a certain amount of money per minute of reading time or make a flat donation in support of the students.


Don't forget about Spirit Week, April 24-28!

The money raised in this event will fund the Programs, Assemblies, Art Programs, and Family Events scheduled for next Fall. Our students and teachers look forward to and love these educational and social events! We need $10,000 for the fall programs - any funds collected above $10,000 will go toward our NEW, DIGITAL MARQUEE!!





Surf's Up Pledge Sheet

How Do I Get Pledges?

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Ask friends and family! Register your child by visiting and follow the simple registration steps. It takes just minutes to set up your child’s own fundraising page to request pledges online (the most convenient option for you) or use the Pledge Sheet in the packet sent home with your students to collect in-person donations. To get started, your student will request pledges from at least 10 people by sending 10 emails.surfboard line drawing with simple waves in the center

Once they accomplish this first goal, fill out the "surfboard" on the PRIZES page (bottom of page three in the Surf's Up Event Packet: English Version o Versión en Español) for your student to turn in to their teacher. All students who return their surfboards will receive a special prize!





Surf's Up Prizes

What are the Prizes?

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The entire school will be working together to win collective prizes for everyone to enjoy! We want our students to read, but we also want them to support each other and learn the value of teamwork.

All participants will be entered into a raffle to win an AMAZON FIRE TABLET!! Make sure to turn the prize page "surfboard" on the Surf's Up Event Packet to win your participation prize and be entered into the raffle!

The highest earning classes (one in primary and one in secondary) will be treated to a PIZZA PARTY!! The top money earner and student with the most minutes read for each grade will earn a special LUNCH WITH MR. KAPLAN!! The top reader with the most minutes read will earn a 3-month BOOKROO SUBSCRIPTION and a Barnes & Noble GIFT CARD!!


  • $5,000 raised:   Extra 10 minutes at RECESS for a DANCE PARTY!!
  • $10,000 raised:   All students receive a FREE POPSICLE PASS for the Dolphin Tank!!
  • $15,000 raised:   SLIME the PRINCIPAL!!
  • $20,000 raised:   “Break from Routine Day” - watch a MOVIE in the MPR with POPCORN and FUN PRIZES!!




Surf's Up Spirit Week

Wait, There's a Surf's Up Spirit Week?

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YES! The students will have an opportunity to show their school spirit each day during the week of April 24. Let's get everyone excited to read!


4/24 Monday is Pajama Day:   Perfect opportunity to break out those new Del Lago PJs or your favorite, most comfy pajamas and show us how you love to snuggle up with a book! Remember to wear closed-toe shoes - no slippers allowed.

4/25 Tuesday is Crazy Sock Day:   Not reading is crazy! Wear crazy socks - bonus points if your socks also have to do with a favorite book.

4/26 Wednesday is Unique Hat Day:   Hat's off to reading!! Wear a fun hat, a crazy hat, or a hat that shows us your favorite book. Wear a wizard hat if you love Harry Potter, a giant Dr. Seuss hat if you love those green eggs, or a stylish fedora if you love Spy School books. Get creative with your dome!

4/27 Thursday is Favorite Team or Sport Day:   Working as a team is why our Read-A-Thon is successful and so much fun! Show your team spirit by wearing a sports team jersey, a favorite band shirt, or a t-shirt from your own sports team or group. There are a lot of ways to show you're a team player!

4/28 Friday is Del Lago Spirit Day:   Be proud of supporting your school Read A Thon! Wear your Del Lago Spirit gear to show your pride in yourself, your classmates and your school.




Thank you, James!

A Special Thank You!

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The Del Lago PTA would like to send out a special THANK YOU to one of our Del Lago graduates, JAMES TONG, Surf's Up Read-a-Thon logo by Del Lago alumnus, James Tong - features an illustrated figure surfing through the wave-like pages of a bookfor designing our Read-a-Thon logo, "Surfing on a Wave of Pages in a Good Book." James is a talented artist, and we are deeply grateful for his time and effort on behalf of the Spring Read-A-Thon. Thank you, James! You have made our event successful before it even started!!