2022 Red Ribbon Week begins October 24! Focusing on helping our students make healthy choices!


Red Ribbon Week

October 24 - 28


Red Ribbon Week is a chance for us to help our children build positive social behaviors, improve confidence, and make healthy personal choices. There are daily themes designed to help our students focus on kindness, combatting bullying behaviors, and the importance of physical exercise.



Download the weekly themes for your fridge! ¡También en español! (PDF document)


Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday

red t-shirt drawingWEAR RED

to show your support for making healthy personal choices

collection of silly socksWEAR CRAZY SOCKS

to show that you’re not afraid to be courageous and confident

collection of sports balls with a red cape and superhero maskDRESS UP LIKE YOUR HERO

celebrate keeping your body and mind healthy

  Thursday   Friday  
two cartoon hands exchanging a heartPRACTICE KINDNESS

write a kind note for your friends & teachers  OR  see something awesome? shout out a compliment!

cartoon dolphin with a spiky purple and blue hairstyleWEAR a CRAZY HAIRSTYLE

let your silly side shine through, make a new friend and put a smile on someone’s face




Let that dolphin spirit shine and show our community how Del Lago cares!