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Cyber Safety Cop

Parenting in the Digital World



Parents and educators struggle with keeping their children safe online, preventing school violence, and new threats like vaping. Cyber Safety Cop addresses these challenges right here at Del Lago!

Cyber Safety Cop will address these specific challenges through engaging presentations that empower students, parents, and all members of the community to create safe environments for their schools and families.

We will be hosting 2 assemblies for our students, age-appropriate for grades K-3 and grades 4-6, and one FREE seminar specifically for parents.



Cyber Safety Seminar for Parents
Wednesday, February 15 at 6:30pm

The cyber safety seminar for parents, Parenting in the Digital World, is a 90-minute cyber safety seminar that will prepare parents to effectively supervise their children on social media sites, protect them from online threats, and bring technological balance back to their homes.

In this “new normal” where children are learning online from home, they are exposed more than ever to online predators and the damaging effects of screen time. This seminar will show you the current games, and apps teens are using today. Secondly, cyberbullying and other online threats are defined by current trends and real-world examples that have been investigated in schools. Lastly, participants will be given tools and an action plan that they can immediately begin using to help keep their children safe online.

Meet in the Multipurpose Room (MPR) at 6:30pm. Reminder: ADULTS ONLY, mature content will be discussed.





Cyber Safety Assemblies for Students
Wednesday, February 15

Cyber safety assemblies for students are age-appropriate 40-minute interactive presentations for students K to 12th grade. Held in the MPR, each age-specific presentation addresses three key online safety issues that all children experience:

  • Dangers of sharing personal information with strangers
  • Anti-bullying strategies; and
  • How to create a positive online reputation



Our K-3 grade presentation, “Be Safe and Kind Online,” equip younger students with the skills and knowledge necessary to use the internet safely, creating an awareness of potential problems they may experience when they are online, and how to manage these issues and ask for help.

This is achieved through a dynamic, engaging, and non-scary presentation. The topics are introduced by animated characters that children can enjoy and relate to: Zachary, Charlotte, and the Cyber Safety Cop.

Topics include: Telling a trusted adult when anything makes them feel sad, scared, or confused; not sharing personal information with someone they meet online, and anti-cyberbullying strategies.
The 4-6 grade cyber safety assembly gives elementary students the information they need to make good decisions in their online lives. Our instructors are experienced law enforcement professionals or educators. Their real-life stories make the material impactful and relevant to our student audiences.

The presenter will share common safety issues and how students can make themselves more secure in social networks. The program focuses on the importance of a positive Digital Reputation, and the long-term impact cyberbullying can have on their lives.

Topics include not allowing strangers in your network; Consequences of mean, rude, or threatening messages; and how to create a positive online reputation.



About Cyber Safety Cop

Based in Ladera Ranch, Cyber Safety Cop programs lead in safety education and awareness. Delivered nationally, their programs reach thousands of people each year. Their simple yet powerful advice will positively impact your families’ lives and how schools manage the digital world.

Cyber Safety Cop instructors are professional law enforcement officers with decades of experience working with schools, students, and their communities. Our instructors are parents too, and passionate about safe and healthy schools and families.